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Email art to

Imprinted Labels or Hang Tags: No set up charge if art specifications are met**. 

All labels and hang tags are printed in 4 color process.  Files must be in CMYK format. Spot colors will be converted. 

For best reproduction please supply vector art in AI, EPS or PDF format. (What Is Vector Art? Vector art is created using vector illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, which creates art that is clean, camera ready, and can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality. Raster files opened in Adobe Illustrator, and re-saved in a vector format are not Vector art! Only art originally created in a vector editing program is truly vector art).  If vector art cannot be supplied, a high resolution PDF (min 300 dpi and sized 100% or larger than actual imprint size) will be accepted. Our preferred software program is Adobe Illustrator; acceptable software programs are Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker or Adobe Photoshop. Simple type setting is provided at no charge. Please include font style with art. 

**Art that is not print ready (to size, with crops and bleeds) or requires editing will be billed at a flat rate of $45.00 (V). We will contact you prior to proceeding with any changes. 

We have templates for all labels and hang tags, and will email them upon request at no charge. Art may be placed in all open sections.

Imprinted Gift Boxes or Ribbon: Die charge $50 (V), no additional set up charge if files are sent as JPG or Tiff  (only in 100% black and white, 600 DPI), CDR, AI, FH, PM, IDD, PSD, EPS, or PDF.                                                                                     

Halftones, screens and shadowing cannot be used. Please indicate if your art is being sent “to size”. We will use our best judgement if asked to size according to the maximum imprint area. Please note - type, characters or lines within 1/16” on finished art will fill in when hot-stamped. 

Standard foil Imprint colors: Silver, Gold, Black, Blue, Green & Red. Additional ribbon and imprint colors may be available upon request, please call for availability. If required information is not in the catalog, please call for details.

Chocolate Molds: Require black and white artwork. Standard custom molds are $99 (V) but may be higher depending on art details. Please call for quote on more intricate molds.

Trademark Usage: All copy or other materials submitted by the customer will be accepted as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, copyright, service mark, right to privacy, patent, or other protections. Items, copy, trademarks and logos used in the catalog are for illustrative purposes only. They do not imply endorsement, nor are items with those imprints available to anyone other than parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs.



Options: Unless otherwise specified, we will use milk chocolate for all orders. Dark chocolate and white chocolate are available at no extra charge. There will be a longer production time for dark chocolate or white chocolate because of equipment changeover. We can quote the additional time when the order is placed. 

Storage and Shelf Life: If stored in the proper conditions and sealed in the original packaging solid chocolate has a shelf life of one year; chocolate enrobed products (nuts, toffees, caramels, chips, truffles etc.) have a shelf life of six months, and non-chocolate products, 9 months. Optimal storage conditions are 68° - 72° and 50% humidity. This is a typical air conditioned office’s temperature and humidity. Products should be stored away from strong odors to prevent odor absorption. Chocolate will start to melt at temperatures above 78°. Storing chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer will cause the surface of the chocolate to turn white (bloom). This might be unattractive, but does not affect the taste.



Sample Policy: Our policy is to provide random samples at no charge, up to an EQP value of $10.00 net. If your sample order exceeds $10.00, please provide a credit card on which to pay the remaining balance.  For all samples, we ask that you provide a shipping account number from either UPS or FedEx, to which we may bill all freight charges. 

Spec Samples: All spec samples will be billed at the cost of EQP+$30.00 (V). Setup charges do apply; however, they will be credited if an order is received. 

Virtual Samples: Packaged products for virtual samples are available online at



Less than Minimum: Imprinted orders will incur a charge of $35.00(V); unprinted orders will be charged $18.50 (V). The absolute minimum is half of the lowest catalog quantity or 25 pieces, whichever is greater. We do not accept less than minimum orders between November 15th and December 31st. 

Production Time: Our standard production time is 7-10 days from approval of proof, and may be less, depending on time of year. All materials, including purchase order, artwork and shipping information must be received before we can enter the order into our production plan.  If you require a certain ship date, please call to check. 

Rush Service: Rush services are handled on an individual basis. We will do everything we can to accommodate all requests, depending on our production load. Rush charges will only apply if we experience additional costs to service the request. All charges will be quoted once the order is confirmed. 

Overruns / Underruns: Factory has the right to bill and ship overruns or underruns within 5% of order quantity. Please specify if any orders cannot be shipped short of the quantity ordered. This can result in a slightly larger overrun that will not exceed 10%. All overruns will be billed and shipped at catalog prices. 

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be billed at a charge of $30.00 (V) plus any costs factory has incurred to date.

Mailers: Individual mailing boxes are available for all gift items in the catalog at a per-box charge of $1.25 (V). We can ship the boxes in bulk, along with your order. Please note that shipping items in mailers will result in higher shipping charges because of the bulkiness of the packages. 

Terms: Net 30 days for all customers with open accounts. New customers may be asked to prepay or provide a credit card at the time of shipment. All credit card charges will be billed at the time the order is shipped. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


COD Shipments are not available. Please indicate the “in hands date” on your order to allow us to determine the best shipment date. We prefer that product does not sit in transit over the weekend. All orders are shipped F.O.B. our factory in GA via ground unless otherwise requested. We do not ship to PO boxes via the USPS. All orders are shipped FedEx or UPS at the discretion of the factory. Orders requesting that shipping charges be prepaid will be billed at the gross charges which will be added to the invoice. We offer Ground, 3- Day Select, 2nd Day, Standard Overnight, and Priority Overnight delivery. We have refrigerated and dry trucking available for large orders. Orders going to one address that weigh 250 lbs. or more generally cost less to deliver by truck. Dock high receiving capacity is required for all trucking deliveries, unless otherwise specified. Please check that all addresses and zip codes are correct. There will be a charge of $5.00 (V) to make any corrections prior to shipping. Factory is not responsible for delays in shipments because of incorrect information. All returns will be donated to the food bank. Credits are not issued for returns resulting from incorrect shipping information.

Warm Weather Shipping: If temperatures on route to the final destination are above 75°, insulated containers with ice packs are used and will require your authorization. The cost per insulated container varies according to size and is in addition to shipping cost. Please see list below. If requested we will estimate this at the time the order is placed. If the destination is within a 2 to 3 day shipping zone from Georgia we will ship ground (unless otherwise informed). If destination is outside of this zone, air freight may be necessary to ensure product quality. 






















*Split Shipments:  Add $12.50 (V) per location, plus shipping costs, if we are to ship various quantities to multiple addresses. An example would be to split an order of 600 pieces between 8 destinations. 

*Drop Shipments:  Add $4.00 (V) per address, plus shipping charges, if we are to ship individual items to different locations. This includes the cost of the mailer, and if relevant, insertion of a card that includes the same message on each. 



or an additional fee of $3 (V) per address will apply. Please ensure that all addresses are correct and properly labeled as Commercial or Residential. There will be a post invoice charge to you of $15.00 per address (subject to change by carrier), plus shipping, if carrier has to make any corrections or return a package to the factory.

Maximum number of characters per column is shown in brackets. Please abbreviate as necessary to comply.



















Consolidated Inds.

John Doe

123 Federal Ln.

8th Floor

New York





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82 Main St.









Greeting Cards Provided by Client: We will insert cards with the same verbiage into each package at no additional charge. Add $2.95 (V) per card if we must match a specific card to a corresponding package. If we are to place cards into their envelopes prior to inserting into gift, there will be an additional $0.75 (V) charge per card.

Greeting Cards Provided by Factory: Each card is printed with your message and inserted into an envelope. The card and envelope measure 4 ¼ x 5 ½ inches. Same message printed on each card is $2.95 (V) per card; various messages are $7.95 (V) per card.