What defines Sweet Innovations as a supplier to the promotional industry?

Throughout the years our focus has not changed:  It has and always been and will always be: 

  • Attention to detail on our Product Quality
  • Our Customer Service 
  • Meeting in-hands-dates 
  • Our Packaging

It is important to note that we are not product re-packers; we are gourmet candy manufacturers!  

The products you order are manufactured at that time so everything is FRESH.

We use a pure Belgian style chocolate (not a chocolate compound) and cook our ganache centers, our toffees and our caramels in old fashion copper kettles and then roll out the toffees and caramels on marble slabs in our candy kitchen.

Each chocolate is hand decorated and hand packed in our gift boxes or bags.

We are different to a number of companies who are rigid and will provide only what is in their catalog because even though we remain family owned, and are large enough to handle orders from 25 to 100’s of thousands of pieces, we still feel like a small company and can accommodate special requests that are outside of our catalog offerings.

Taking into consideration our product quality, packaging and service, we aren’t necessarily going to be the least expensive option. As a distributor you know there is always someone out there who can sell for less, but we feel that we do offer the best value in the industry and to our clients who agree – they have rated us 5 stars with ASI and SAGE.