Options: Unless otherwise specified, we will use milk chocolate for all orders. Dark chocolate and white chocolate are available at no extra charge. There will be a longer production time for dark chocolate or white chocolate because of equipment changeover. We can quote the additional time when the order is placed. 

Storage and Shelf Life: If stored in the proper conditions and sealed in the original packaging solid chocolate has a shelf life of one year; chocolate enrobed products (nuts, toffees, caramels, chips, truffles etc.) have a shelf life of six months, and non-chocolate products, 9 months. Optimal storage conditions are 68° - 72° and 50% humidity. This is a typical air conditioned office’s temperature and humidity. Products should be stored away from strong odors to prevent odor absorption. Chocolate will start to melt at temperatures above 78°. Storing chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer will cause the surface of the chocolate to turn white (bloom). This might be unattractive, but does not affect the taste.